"One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." ©N.Armstrong
"Let my people go!" ©L.Armstrong

The Official Site of a Symbolic Behavior Model Modification Suggestion

Holy Cow! What's THIS?!

THIS is an official Internet representation of FUCKOFF. Here, people are being told to fuck off.

Holy Cow! What does it mean?!

If you have found yourself on this site, it could mean only one thing: You were told to FUCKOFF. By sending you this link someone used this rude but elegant way of suggesting you should change your behavior model to the following: FUCKOFF.

Oh... shit...! How could this have happened to me?!

Here are the most common reasons:

  • Your conversation partner got sick and tired of your stupid questions, retarded requests or dumb advices;
  • You insulted your conversation partner by making fun of his (or her) religious or political views, musical or cinematographic tastes or criticized his (or her) personal life and/or things he (or she) holds dear to his (or her) heart;
  • Someone is suggesting that he (or she) will not pay you back they money he (or she) owes you for a job or something he (or she) borrowed;
  • Someone is suggesting that he (or she) will not have sex with you again or at all;
  • Someone just does not want to keep in touch with you. Unfortunately, that happens as well...

Of course, there is a possibility that have you stumbled upon this site accidentally. You could have, for example, found this site through a search engine. If this is the case, maybe you should think about the fact that even lifeless search engine (on its own!) is suggesting you to FUCKOFF and take a long hard look at your life.

Oh no!!! What do I do now?!

Here are a couple of things you can do if you have found yourself in this situation:

  • Reconsider your approach and attitude to the person that sent you here;
  • Take this suggestion personally and get pissed at the person that sent you here;
  • Bookmark this site and use it next time you need to tell someone to FUCKOFF. Just send him (or her) this link;

How do I go on with my life NOW?!

  • Keep in mind: you are not the first person who was told to FUCKOFF. This site was originally opened on July 25th, 2005 and currently 375574 people were referred here.
  • Beware of counterfeiters! This site is one and only such site in existence and we are constantly improving it!
  • Bear in mind: Every time someone is told to FUCKOFF through this site, speakers located in the Headquarters of the Official Suggestion emit a sad sigh. We are aware of your mishaps. FUCKOFF appreciates your business and hopes to see you back here soon!

© translated by: D.Sokolovsky & nothing2005